April 28th, 2019 - Roger's Community Garden is hosting a special tree trimming event with Tyler "Mr. Tree" Trimble of Backyard Fruit San Diego.

April 5th, 2019 - Opening of Hung Nguyen's grow towers at UCSD's Art of Espresso coffee cart. This project aims to address the social aspect of food security by creating publicly available art that also produces fresh, organic produce for the Triton Food Pantry and Hub. Additionally, this project aims to promote the way we think about utilizing space in a dense, urban environment, especially given the commonality of food deserts and the exacerbation of climate change in urban regions.

Hung's work "will create a platform to encourage multidisciplinary collaboration to provide students valuable work experience and interdisciplinary student research which is valuable in any working environment." This project will benefit the UC San Diego community as whole by by generating food resources on campus that will allow the Hub, Food Pantry, and Art of Espresso continue or/and expand their operations.


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