Our goal to become self-sufficient includes having a reliable funding source outside of donations and grants so we can continue to research sustainable agricultural practices. As we are a non-for-profit group, all funds will go towards new student projects and hiring students from low-income families in a part-time positions to maintain the ever-expanding Roger's Community Garden.

How to Have Your Own Plot!

Currently, there are three two ways to order a product from a RCG student.

  1. Contact with the subject "Purchase" in the subject line. if you're interested in our aquaponic control boxes or produce. If you're interested in having a plot, make sure "Plot" is in the subject line. These get routed via a different internal pathway, so to ensure your needs are fulfilled as quickly as possible, we just ask that you take a second to help us out!

  2. RCG is located right behind the Che Cafe and La Jolla playhouse at 1000 Scholars Drive South. Stop by during our regular volunteer hours Sundays 10 AM to 12 PM to see what we have in stock!

  3. RUF is now hosting a biweekly farmers market! Come on down to see what we are selling. It may be mushrooms, succulents, or some other seasonal produce or herb.

You must pay upon pickup. We do accept Venmo. Contact for more information.