Plot Rental

About Plot Rental

Roger's Urban Farmlab is proud to offer plots for students, staff, affiliates, and groups to rent. Those interested in renting a plot from us must fill out the form on the right and submit it along with your contact information via this link. Once approved for a space, you can pay in either cash, check, or Venmo before being assigned a plot.

Please note that the rent pays for six consecutive months starting in November or May, depending on the season you select. All rental terms start the first Sunday of the month, unless school is not in session on the Monday immediately after or the month starts on Sunday. (in which case, the lease period starts the second Sunday).

In addition to having your 25 square feet to grow whatever produce you'd like (as long as it doesn't violate the lease agreement), free access to fresh compost/soil, and an automated irrigation system - you're required to volunteer and help support Roger's general maintenance and community plots at least twice a month during our Sunday hours. A plot must also be maintained and harvested from to prevent food spoilage , after two weeks it will be harvested from with the food donated to the Triton Food Pantry.

Any violation of the lease terms will result in termination of the plot.

Multiple members, family, friends, or a club can share a leased space. If there are more students' names than will fit on the form, please include them in the email. We must know who will be accessing this plot, as only persons named on the agreement are allowed to work on them! If you'd like, you can put a small sign in your space so club members know what plot is yours.

2020-21 Plot Rental Agreement.docx

Lease Costs

Cost for a six-month lease* of one 25 square foot plot. If multiple people are sharing a plot, the cost will be for the highest-priced member.

  • Undergraduate Student or Club - $35

  • Masters Student - $45

  • Graduate Student - $55

  • Post-Doc - $55

  • UCSD Affiliate - $75

  • UCSD Staff - $75

  • UCSD Alumni - $75

  • Outside Persons - $85**

*If lessee starts their plot rental application after their preferred rental period starts, RCG does not prorate the plot costs. Furthermore, plots will not be leased out if their is not enough time to grow crops.**UCSD students, staffs, affiliates, etc. get priority over outside persons, as per RCG's lease agreement with the campus.