CSA Tech Partnerships

All instructions and code will be sent from a Google Drive or Dropbox account. All code is open source.


DiDati boxes are open source. As a result, all instructions for any boxes we've built will be available for the general public unless a contractual obligation prevents us from doing so.

We are not responsible for any damage to your parts when following our instructions, but will assist if you run into difficulties.

Basic Box

Pi Box


Basic Box

Pi Box


Club Partnerships

Any on-campus student organizations are more than free to use our existing knowledge and join us at our weekly meetings. Please check the calendar for any updates to the meeting schedule.

School Visits

If you would like Computer Science for Agriculture to write and implement a tech program at your school that teaches students how to use Arduinos, sensors, Raspberry Pis, and more, please contact Luke and Zack at rogerscommunitygarden@gmail.com with the subject line "School".

Due to our location in north county San Diego, we can only drive to locations in San Diego, Orange, and south Los Angeles Counties.