Self-Guided Tours

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Sincerely, Roger's Urban Farmlab (1/27/21)

Welcome to Roger’s Urban Farmlab (RUF)

A community garden, research facility, and so much more. Founded by students in 2008, Roger’s Urban Farmlab has two goals. First, to arm passionate students with the tools necessary to make their sustainability-oriented projects a reality. And second, to provide a public access sanctuary from the increasingly industrialized world around us.

Here at Roger’s we redefine “community garden”. You will find the integration of ground breaking technology with traditional farming and gardening methods giving rise to truly sustainable 21st Century community garden along with the educational resources to spread our message to the masses.

Since our creation, we have expanded our garden, installed irrigation pipelines, and have offered our garden plots to be rented by anyone who does not have a community garden in their area. We also donate our extra produce to the Triton Food pantry and the triton Food Recovery Network, to give back to UCSD and combat student hunger at the university.

Whether you randomly stumbled upon our little tour, or heard about it through the grapevine, once again, welcome! You are in for one heck of tour.

Below you will find 6 tours offered at RUF along with a description of the topics covered in each. Once you’ve picked a tour, please press its name and you will be redirected to a new webpage with directions to your first station.

Alternatively, you can scan the corresponding QR code on the “Welcome” sign


Learn all the ins and outs of RUF. From the revolutionary student research to the exotic plant species growing in every nook and cranny of the space. After taking this tour you will be an expert on what the future of community gardens looks like.

(This tour is a combination of the other four below)

Approx Time: TBD

Learn about Anaerobic Digestion, the brilliance of mushrooms, growing food on walls, and much more by going on this tour. We will showcase the how these incredible students accomplished these goals along side Roger’s Urban Farmlab.

Approx. Time: TBD

Learn about maximum efficiency and minimizing our carbon footprint through composting, the anaerobic digester, and an aquaponics system. We will also teach you some tips and tricks that you can implement in your home.

Approx. Time: TBD

Learn how we are integrating modern technology to propel and preserve our natural world. See how we harness solar energy and use it to help run the other projects here at RUF.

Approx. Time: TBD

Learn what the future of gardening looks like! See how to maximize your food output no matter what resources you have available. Don't just grow in soil, what about the water, air, and in the dark?

Approx. Time: TBD

Learn of a myriad of exotic plant species found exclusively in Roger’s Urban Farmlab. See the expansive range of plants that thrive in our La Jolla climate.

Approx. Time: TBD