Current Staff

RUF Staff

Organized Alphabetically by last name and management level. To see a list of previous staff members, click here.

We refer to our students as staff, not volunteers even though most of them do not receive financial compensation for their work and time through CSA or RUF. This is simply because of the dedication and time they put into our projects.

Project Code Key:

  • AD - Anaerobic Digestor
  • AP - Aquaponics
  • CC - Computer Control Systems
  • HP - Hydroponics
  • GG - General Garden
  • MT - Marketing Team
  • TM - Technical Management
  • SF - Silvo Forestry

Alumni & Staff Advisers

These are Staff members who have graduated from and work for the University. Each member provides assistance in their departmental specializations.

Andrew Liedholm - Computer Science for Agriculture Adviser

UCSD Class of 2013 - Philosophy and Cognitive Science (B.A.) -- History Department Information Technology Office

Andrew Liedholm is a life-long technologist who graduated from UCSD with a B.A. in philosophy and cognitive science with work focusing on human-computer interaction design. Andy is the staff advisor of the computer science for agriculture student group. His work focuses on wirelessly displaying sensor readings from custom field sensors real time, paired with machine-learning and automation.


Computer Science for Agriculture


Zachary Osborn - Roger's Urban Farmlab Adviser

UCSD Class of 2013 - Biochemistry (B.S) -- Bioregional Center Communications

As our staff lesion, Zack has been instrumental in augmenting the roles and capacity of our space. In 2018, Zack held a series of meetings with the university planning committees and chancellorship, resulting in our acceptance as a student-run research space and enabling for the raising and implementation of livestock on our campus.

At the same time, Zack has worked tirelessly alongside out Global Food Initiative and Carbon Neutrality Initiative fellows to advance the climate-change goals of the UCOP.

Furthermore, Zack has been instrumental in translating RUF technologies and research to partners like the Ocean View Growing Grounds community garden, in addition to professors in both the Urban Studies and Planning department and who work on environmental studies. Lastly, he has also been bringing elementary and middle school students to the garden alongside bringing lessons we learn to these students in order for them to learn about organic gardening and computer science.

Roger's Urban Farmlab

Computer Science for Agriculture

Project Leads

These are undergraduate Staff who have proposed and are spearheading a project.

Luke Lindgren - Aquaponics and Silvo Forestry Lead

UCSD Class of 2020 - Nanoengineering (B.S) w/ Neuroscience Minor

2019 GFI Fellow

Joining the RUF team in Winter 2018, Luke had grand ambitions for an automated aquaponic greenhouse. Taking lead in an old, unfinished project, his goal was to make the system even more advanced than the on he had at home, monitoring more than just temperature and pH in real time. Once this first project was underway, he asked, "Is there anything crazier I can build?" and so the decision was made to build a chicken aviary as well.

A San Diego native, Luke has raised chickens and tilapia at home since his freshman year of high school. He's participated in several science fairs to demonstrate that sustainable agriculture can solve more than just global food crises.

Furthermore, Luke is the only green thumb in his family, and drives both his parents and roommates insane with the number of houseplants he has, which he argues is still not enough "for research purposes".

Computer Science for Agriculture


Hung Nguyen – Green Wall Hydroponic and Community Food Wall Lead

UCSD Class of 2020 – Speculative Design emphasis in Public Culture/Urban Ecology (B.A) & Entrepreneurship & Innovation (B.A)

Connecting with Zack Osborn in his first year, Hung joined RUF in Fall 2017 when Zack gave him an opportunity to start a hydroponic project. The Green Wall Hydroponic joins the installment freedom of a living wall and growing capability of a vertical farming system to incorporate into one flexible agricultural structure. Looking forward to do more, he started another project located at Mandeville Center near Art of Espresso, the Community Food Wall in Fall 2018. The project intersects his food wall system experience with the socio-cultural aesthetic and social entrepreneurial business model to transform the mono usability purpose of public space on campus into a collaborative community space.

Hung was born in Saigon, Viet Nam, but he was raised as San Diegan most of his life. In his free time, he looks at numerous mediums ranging from concept arts, video games, anime, biomimicry, etc. to speculative a greener, smarter, and kinder future.

Roger's Urban Farmlab


Enid Partika - Anaerobic Digester Lead

UCSD Class of 2019 - Environmental Chemistry (B.S.)

2018 & 2019 CNI Fellow

Part of Engineers For A Sustainable World (ESW), Enid has been working on an anaerobic biodigester and biogas purification system at RUF since 2016. With her biogas project, Enid hopes to sequester carbon and produce a more reliable, yet still carbon-neutral form of energy for RUF's nanogrid. Furthermore, Enid aims to automate this system with help from CSA, increasing the amount of processed waste. In addition, Enid has worked with RUF members to establish a comprehensive food waste collection and measurement system for restaurants at Price Center and around the UCSD campus.

Originally from the Bay Area, Enid is an avid jogger and hiker, and has spent a lot of time in the forests of Northern California.

Roger's Urban Farmlab


Will Tanaka - Compost Lead

UCSD Class of 2021 - Nanengineering (B.S.)

Will stumbled upon the RUF grove his freshman year and was intrigued by RUF’s unconventional projects and ideas. As a volunteer he has devoted much time to maintaining and developing the space as a multi use food forest and urban botanical garden.

From the summer of 2018 and onward, he worked on the RUF compost program diverting 1000 pounds of pre-consumer per week to RUF’s compost piles and the BioEnergy Project anaerobic digester. Will recognized the potential nutrient value of coffee and tea waste collected by the Compost Program and began a project to grow mushrooms on the waste and further integrates the waste-to-resource paradigm as part of RUF’s efforts to close nutrient loops and address food insecurity.


Roger's Urban Farmlab



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