Compost Drop-off

Food Scrap Drop-Off Program

Community Composting

RCG’s compost piles are open to anyone in the public to dump their food waste. If you do decide to dump waste in our compost files, you need to bury the waste in only the right-most compost bin in order to discourage animals from digging in our waste.

Currently, RCG accepts all green waste including meat, bones, dairy, bamboo or wood utensils and small amounts of biodegradable plastic (corn plastic). If you do plan on adding corn plastic, please let us know by sending an email with the subject line "Composting" as we need to control the balance of materials going into the compost.

Please NO compostable bags.

Composting FAQs (Last updated: 7/11/2021)

Q: Is compost drop-off currently available?

A: Yes! We are open to the public and anyone can drop off compost in the far right compost bin at any time. No sign up or payment necessary. If there is a shovel nearby, be sure to bury the compost so the rats don’t get to it.

Q: When can I drop off compost?

A: Any time! We are always open to the public. There are no specific hours to drop off compost but if you have any questions, you can come during our volunteer hours on Sundays 10am-noon.

Q: Where do I drop off my compost? A: Roger’s Community Garden is located at 1000 Scholars Drive South, behind the Che Cafe. As you walk up to the garden, you will see 5 wooden compost bins located across from the sink. You can drop off your compost in the far right bin.

Q: What can I drop off?

A: We accept all green waste including meat, bones, dairy, and bamboo and wooden utensils as well as brown material like paper towels and napkins. Make sure that whatever you drop off does not contain twist ties, rubber bands, and other non-compostable material. We also do not accept bioplastics, PLA or cornstarch based, including biodegradable bags. There is a trash can next to the compost bin where you can place your non-compostable materials.

Q: Do you provide on-campus compost pickup service?

A: Unfortunately, we do not. But you are welcome to drop it off anytime.