Open applications for Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 have now closed. Interested? Email us at the address below.

"I'm an ESYS major and I'd like to do my senior project here."

Roger's Community Garden is recognized by the Urban Studies and Planning Department as a valid internship for Environmental Systems majors working on their senior capstone project. We ask that any interested in interning here for that purpose follow the RCG mission statement and base their project around sustainable farming methods and food insecurity. 

First and foremost, RCG is a community garden, not an experimental ground. Existing RCG projects may be worked and expanded upon, and new projects may be established so long as they are of a size and scale that can be maintained by future student volunteers. It is expected that ESYS projects will be based on data collection and analyses, and that the projects themselves will, in the end, make RCG a more productive space. 

RCG may provide limited funding to ESYS students for specialized material purchases if requested in time to be added to the TGIF grant application. ESYS students will need to provide a list of materials and a plan for their utilization in a timely manner around week 3 of Fall quarter. All other onsite materials at RCG would be available for use.

Take these statements into consideration when applying.

Why become an intern? What is the difference between an intern and a volunteer?

Volunteers help maintain RCG during permitted volunteer hours. 

Interns are the primary maintenance crew. They are assigned management tasks to be completed throughout the week and are expected to be present at the garden every Sunday for scheduled meetings and groundskeeping.

The difference is the level of commitment. 

RCG is looking for enthusiastic, dedicated interns to maintain the garden grounds throughout the UCSD 2023-2024 school year. Maintenance throughout the week consists of minor tasks such as watering plants, pulling weeds, feeding fish, turning compost, and picking fruit. Tasks that are more involved and larger-scale projects will take place during our regular Sunday hours, which include sowing, mulching, miscellaneous clean-up, compost dispersal, and various repair and upkeep tasks.

All are welcome at RCG. Adjustments and accommodations can be made in accordance with your class schedule and other outside commitments. Experience is not required. A variety of skillsets are used to maintain the garden. If you are unsure what to apply for, a position can be assigned to you.

Internship positions are briefly described in the document here. All positions will be available for sign-up. Each project has its corresponding tasks listed. The Project Leads (in parenthesis) coordinate tasks among interns and communicate to RCG Chair members. 

For more in depth descriptions of projects, visit the Student Projects page.

Questions? Email us at

RCG Interns (2023-2024)