Donate Today!

While Roger's Community Garden tries not to rely exclusively on donations, sometimes we don't get a grant we apply for. That doesn't have to mean the project needs to die! Donate today and your company name, your name, or the name of a group will be forever immortalized on this page.

Corporate Partners

Groups and Foundations

The UC San Diego Health Sciences Office of Faculty Affairs has decided to partner with Roger's Community Garden to honor faculty in a new orchard.

More information about this award is available here, and information about the orchard is available on our website.

Delta Epsilon Mu is committed to serving the community by advocating health education and care, and through active participation in service activities, fundraising, and outreach programs.

Individual Donors

Roger's Community Garden is not a 501c3 organization. However, we are allowed to receive donations underneath UCSD's Advancement Services. If you would like to give us either cash or materials, we will contact the department to get the correct paperwork to process your donation. It is possible that their appraised value of materials might be less than what you appreciate the value to be. We will do our best to make sure the appraised value and your value are as close as possible.
We must let potential donors know that "[w]ritten appraisals are required by the I.R.S. in order for a donor to substantiate tax deductions for non-cash gifts valued in excess of $5,000." Furthermore, the tax receipt will only be granted after an internal review by the UCSD Advancement Services department, a process that could take several weeks.