RUF in a Nutshell

Functioning underneath the University of California - San Diego Bioregional Center for Sustainability Science, Planning and Design, Roger's Urban Farmlab is home to a variety of student-lead projects designed to help reduce food waste and carbon emissions while simultaneously producing organic, locally-grown produce for the UCSD Faculty Club and the Triton Food Pantry.

Mission Statement

Arm passionate students with the tools necessary to make their sustainability-oriented projects a reality.

Current Research Areas

A full list of projects is available on the Student Projects page.

Visit a project theme page by clicking the links below.

Health Sciences Mentorship Grove

Every year, the UC San Diego Health Sciences Office of Faculty Affairs donates trees to Roger's Urban Farmlab in order to commemorate the mentoring excellence of their faculty members.

UCOP Initiatives

Realizing the problems caused by a rapidly increasing global population, University of California President Janet Napolitano has set up two system-wide goals:

Several of the students working for Roger's Community Garden are UCOP Fellows, meaning they receive a scholarship for their work through the UCOP, not RCG or UCSD.


To see when all of our events are, check the calendar here.

Garden hours are 10-12 every Sunday, and CSA is from 5-7 on W/Th.

Community Composting

RUF operates a community compost program in which members of the public can drop off their food waste in our compost piles. All organic waste is accepted including bones, meat and dairy. Waste should be well buried to deter rats.

Triton Tree Trust

The Triton Tree Trust is a new project that aims to map every tree on the UCSD campus and extract information related to climate science research such as carbon fixation and heat island mitigation. The initiative is based out of the Bioregional Center headed by Dr. Keith Pezzoli of Urban Studies and Planning.